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The Team at Tall Poppies are dedicated to providing you with affordable Gourmet Food for your wedding no matter the budget…… from keeping it to a  small, intimate & not too expensive event …  through to a decadent affair…..

If you let us know what your total budget is for the Food / Equipment etc and what you have in mind, we can tailor the menu to suit….

We deliver and service weddings from Warkworth to Waiuku… Please refer to our Delivery Charges page for costs of delivery…..

We have a wide range of menus suitable for weddings, so please email us about the ideas you have and we are more than happy to meet with you to discuss options for the day or email suggested menus if you are planning the event from overseas….

Suggested Menus:

Gourmet High Teas:

1. Queen Elizabeth High Tea: $20.00 + gst pp -7 items pp

2. King George High Tea: $23.50+ gst pp -8 items pp

3. King Edward High Tea: $29.50 + gst pp -9 items pp

4. Queen Victoria High Tea: $30.00 + gst pp -10 items pp

5. King William High Tea: $31.50 + gst pp -11 items pp

6.  The Royal Albert 'Old Englsh Rose' High Tea:  $55.00+ gst pp - 14 items including beverages

7.  French High Tea: $40.00 + gst pp 10+ items pp

8.  Mad Hatter's High Tea: $45.00 + gst pp - 12 items including  beverages   

Banquet Options:

 $12.50 + gst pp:  Champagne Ham Banquet Lunch

$22.50 + gst pp: The Mini Banquet Lunch

$29.95+ gst pp: Classic Banquet

$35.00+ gst pp: Deluxe Banquet

$38.00+ gst pp: Superior Banquet

 $39.95+ gst pp: Premium Banquet

$48.50+ gst pp: “Easy Peasy” Dinner Party Menu

Tailor your own Banquet…..

$39.95+ gst pp: Christmas Banquet A

$49.95+ gst pp: Christmas Banquet B

$59.95+gst pp: Christmas Banquet C

$85.00+ gst pp: Christmas Banquet D

All Inclusive Fingerfood Wedding:

$45.50 + gst pp

Minimum of 30 People

10 Canapes per person (your choice from our Gourmet Canapes Menu)

A Selection of Petit Fours  i.e.:

French Nougat; Macadamia & White Chocolate Brownie; French Macarons; Lamington Petit Cup; Mini Carrot Cake; Mini Chocolate Mousse Cake; Red Velvet Rocky Road Cakes; Tiramisu Squares; Chocolate & Raspberry Petit Four; Chocolate Profiteroles with Patisserie Cream

A Cheeseboard 

Service Staff for 6 hours:

To help set up, serve drinks, hand around the canapés and petit fours and wedding cake and help clean up

All Inclusive Lunch Menu:

$60.00 + gst pp

Minimum of 30 People

 5 Canapés Per Person (your choice from our Gourmet canapes Menu)

A Glazed Champagne Ham (your choice of glaze) 

Accompanied by: A Selection of Gourmet Breads & Accompaniments

A Platter of Micro Greens eg: Watercress; Coriander; Pak Choy; Radish Shoots; Pea Shoots

A Choice of Three Salads (from our Salads menu)

A Selection of Individual Desserts i.e. Tiramisu; Chocolate Trilogy; 

A NZ Cheeseboard to accompany your Wedding Cake 

- for those who don’t eat cake!!!

Service Staff for 6 hours: 

To help set up, serve drinks, hand around the canapés and petit fours and wedding cake and help clean up

We also do 

 Gourmet Canapés 

Gourmet Platters

BBQ Menus 

Shared Table Menus

Themed Menus 


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