Please contact on of the following Hospitality Agencies:

Bestaff Hospitality - Blair


PH: 021 940 620



PH: 0800 774 175

Bravo Hospitality

PH: 09 360 9333

They require a minimum of 4 hours per staff member

Travel costs may apply depending on location of the event

Set Up: 

 - to set up the food and beverages only

Staff Supervisor:

- to supervise the staff during the course of the function

- the staff supervisor is NOT a function co-ordinator

Service Staff: 

- to help set up, serve canapes, platters etc  & beverages and clean up

- if the staff during the course of the function are unable to complete all the rinsing required before collection, the client is then responsible to rinse the platters etc or extend the hours of the staff (if OK with staff) to finish the rinsing

BBQ Chef: 

- to BBQ food for you

- please ensure the BBQ is cleaned beforehand and that handee towels & olive oil are  available for the chef

Jillian Maskill 2012