We have scoured the country high and low to source

 the best artisan products our boutique and world 

famous suppliers can offer


Above - Custom Artisan Grazing Table for 65 People

A Combination of: NZ Grazing for 45 People &

International Grazing for 20 People


Our Grazing Tables are designed to NOT become a complete mess once people start on them!! & unlike most other caterers the Bread & Crackers etc are kept separate to stop them going soggy & so you get MORE of the good stuff! We also offer THE most extensive range of items in Australasia, so EVERYONE will enjoy the grazing experience…..

Our Artisan Grazing Tables are:

- Set up on  Black Tablecloths with Crates, Stands, Boards etc…..

- All accompanied by a Selection of Wooden Serve Ware, 

Wooden Plates & Serviettes

- We require a minimum of 30 people

- Discounts for 100 + people

New Zealand Local Artisan Grazing Table:

International Artisan Grazing Table:

Deluxe Ocean Grazing Table:

The “Cheap As Chips” Xmas Grazing Table:

The Ultimate Xmas Grazing Table:

Vegan / Gluten Free / Vegetarian Grazing Table:

The Dessert & Cheeses Grazing Table:


A Custom Made Grazing Table

Special Centrepieces for your Grazing Table 


A Whole Side of Freshly Hot Smoked Kawakawa and Lime Salmon

A Whole Glazed Champagne Ham - your choice of glaze

Roast Eye Fillet of Beef with Yorkshire Puddings

Southern Style  BBQ  Spare Ribs

A Stunning Grand Ocean Stand

A “Cheesecake” - 3, 4 or 5 Stacked Cheeses

International Grazing Table for 30




- Serves approximately 20 people

Salmon Carpaccio Plank

Beef Carpaccio Plank

Beef Rib Roast Plank

BBQ Pulled Pork Plank

BBQ Pulled Beef Plank

Hickory Smoked Pork Spare Ribs Plank

Cheese Degustation Plank

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