Sandwich Options


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 Deluxe Sandwiches: $9.50 + gst 

The ‘Executive’ Sandwiches: $9.50 + gst

‘Desktop’ Sandwiches: $6.50 + gst

'Laptop’ Sandwiches: $3.75 + gst

Tall Poppies Deluxe Sandwiches:

$9.50 + gst

Minimum of 5 of each

Banh Mi: 

- from Vietnam

Chicken Liver Pate on a French baguette with Coriander, Pickled Cucumber, Pickled Carrot, shredded lettuce with Roast Chicken


 - created in the 1800s

Triple Smoked Bacon, Crispy Iceberg Lettuce, Sun Ripened Tomato with Creamy Mayonnaise on Ciabatta


 - a modern version

Triple Smoked Bacon, Crispy Iceberg Lettuce, Sun Ripened Tomato, Creamy Avocado with Creamy Mayonnaise on Ciabatta


-  named after the Caprese Salad

Fresh Basil, Sun Ripened Tomato, Mozzarella, Iceberg Lettuce with Creamy Basil Pesto on Ciabatta

Croque Madame:

A French Grilled Chicken & Edam Cheese Sandwich dipped into beaten Egg and fried in sautéed Butter

Croque Monsieur:

A Frech Grilled Ham & Edam Cheese Sandwich dipped  into beaten Egg and fried in sauteed Butter

Cuban Pressed Sandwich:

- from immigrant Cuban community of  Ybor City in Tampa, Florida

Shaved Leg Ham, Roast Pork, Swiss Cheese, Gherkins, Mixed Greens & Mustard on lightly buttered Thick Cut White Bread

Elvis Sandwich: - the Kings favourite!!

Peanut Butter with Sliced Bananas & Triple Smoked Bacon on Thick Sliced White Bread 

(we won’t deep fry it though!!!)

Fluffernutter Sandwich:

- Originated in new England

Peanut Butter, Marshmallow Fluff with Bananas & Honey on Thick Cut White Bread


- Originated Philadelphia

Hot Pork, Shaved Leg Ham, Smoked Chicken, Pastrami layered with Swiss Cheese, Oregano, Gherkins, Iceberg Lettuce, Sun Ripened Tomatoes, Creamy Mayonnaise, Wholegrain Mustard on thick Cut White Bread

Lobster Roll:

- popular in New England

Surimi Crab Meat with Seafood Mayonnaise, diced Celery, Chives & Spring Onions on a grilled Frankfurter Bun


- a Classic of New Orleans 

Marinated Olive Salad (olives, Celery, Cauliflower, Carrot, Seasonings & Olive Oil), Capiola, Mortadella, Swiss Cheese, Salami served on Focaccia

Philly Cheesesteak:

- originated in Philadelphia

Thin slices of Grilled Steak covered in melted Swiss Cheese on a Long Roll

Pulled Pork Roll:

- North Carolinans Favourite

7 hour slow cooked Pulled Pork with BBQ Sauce & Apple Slaw

Po’ Boy:

- a Louisiana Classic

Fried Shrimps with Iceberg Lettuce, Sun Ripened Tomatoes, Gherkins & Mayonnaise on a French Baguette


- this sandwich dates back to the late 1920s & created by Reuben Kulakofsky of Omaha Nebraska

Beef Pastrami, Sauerkraut, Swiss Cheese, Iceberg Lettuce & Thousand Island Dressing on Rye Bread

Sloppy Joe:

- An American Original

Roast Beef, Iceberg Lettuce, Sun Ripened Tomato, Cucumber & lots of BBQ Sauce!!


- originated in Boston at the beginning of WWII for the Navy Servicemen

Shaved Leg Ham, Dijjonaise, Iceberg Lettuce, Sun Ripened Tomato, Swiss Cheese, Creamy Mayonnaise on a French Baguette

The Executive’ Sandwich: - for a big appetite!!!

$9.50 + gst

All come with Sliced Cucumber

Roast Eye Fillet of Beef with Horseradish Cream & Micro Greens on Turkish Pide 

Herbes de Provence Roast Chicken with Basil Pesto &  Micro Greens  on Ciabatta  

Marmalade & Wholegrain Mustard Glazed Champagne Ham with Mustard Dijonnaise & Micro Greens on French Baguette 

Hot Smoked Salmon with Lemon & Caper Mayonnaise &  Micro Greens  on Vogels Ancient Grains

Roast Pork with Apple Sauce &  Micro Greens on  Crusty Italian Loaf 

Pepperonata & Lemon & Garlic Hummus on Turkish Pide (V)

The 'Desktop' Sandwich 

- a good lunch size

$6.50 + gst

All come with Mixed  Mesculan Salad Leaves & thinly sliced Cucumber

Bread Options:

Traditional Ficelle 

Parmesan & Rosemary Fougasse

French Baguette


Foccaccia Flat

Freya’s Soy & Linseed

Vogel’s Ancient Grains


Poppyseed Bagel

Sesame Seed Bagel

Cheese Bagel

Sundried Tomato & Basil Bagel

The Laptop’ Sandwich 

- two are  perfect for lunch - or one accompanied by a salad

$3.75  + gst

All come with Mixed  Mesculan Salad Leaves & thinly sliced Cucumber

Bread Options: 

Poppyseed Roll

Toasted Sesame Seed Roll

Mixed Seeds Roll

Italian Herbs Roll

Cheese Roll

Sandwich Filling Options:


Roast Chicken & Basil Pesto

Roast Chicken & Spiced Apricot Sauce

Roast Chicken & Avocado - Seasonal


Roast Beef Pastrami & Onion Marmalade

Roast Beef Pastrami & Horseradish

Roast Beef Pastrami & Smoked Chipotle & Tomato Relish

Roast Beef Pastrami & Roasted Peach Chutney


Hot  Pork & Apple Sauce

Hot Pork & Pickled Pear

Shaved  Ham & Dijon Mustard

Shaved Leg  Ham & Wholegrain Mustard

Shaved Leg Ham & Gruyere Cheese

Pepperoni  Salami

Pepperoni Salami & Vintage Cheddar

Pepperoni Salami & Antipasto

Pepperoni Salami & Fresh Herbs

Pepperoni Salami & Tomato Relish


Roast Turkey Breast, Fresh Herbs & Creamy Mayonnaise

Roast Turkey Breast & Whole Cranberry Jelly


Beetroot Relish with Creamy Mayonnaise  & Fresh Herbs

Antipasto & Hummus

Grilled Portabello Mushroom with Porcini Creme & Parsley

Smoked Salmon

Cold Smoked Salmon with Capers & Cream Cheese

Cold  Smoked Salmon  with Lime Mayonnaise

Cold  Salmon with Lemon & Caper Mayonnaise

Salmon Pastrami with Lemon & Caper Mayonniase

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