I would like to say a huge thank you for the wonderful platters you provided on Saturday night!  All our guests commented on how fabulous they were & what a great variety you provided…..

The function was a huge success, thank you for contributingto this…..      Wendy Bussen


With more than 50 platters to choose from,          

it’s easy to cater for everyone !!

Please give us at least 48 hours notice to ensure we can 

source all the fresh ingredients...

Email  us for  full  details of the Platter Menus:

Gourmet Hot Platters:

8 Skewer Option Platters:

L:      $115.00 + gst    -  30 Skewers            

M:     $75.00 + gst     - 20 Skewers

3 Other Hot Items:

L:      $115.00 + gst    - serves  15+ people             

M:     $75.00 + gst     - serves 7 -  15 people

Gourmet Homestyle Pizzas:

$20.00 + gst Each

Minimum of 4 pizzas

Authentic New York Pepperoni:

Classic New York Pepperoni & Mozzarella Cheese with a Roasted Tomato Sauce Base

Ultimate Meat Lovers:

Smoked Bacon; Cabanossi; Roasted Beef; Champagne Ham; Mozzarella with a Smoked BBQ Sauce Base

Cheese, Cheese & More Cheese!!:

Parmesan; Gruyere; Swiss; Mozzarella with a Roasted Tomato Sauce Base

Classic Hawaiian:

Roasted Pineapple; Champagne Ham & Mozzarella with a Roasted Tomatio Sauce Base

Smoked Bacon & Portabello Mushroom:

Portabello Mushroom; Button Mushroom; Smoked Bacon; Mozzarella with a Smoked BBQ Sauce Base

Ultimate Vegetarian:

Portabello Mushroom; Buttom Mushroom; Roast Capsicum; Pineapple; Smoked Tomato; Italian Herbs; Roasted Garlic with a Roasted Tomato Sauce Base

Deluxe Gourmet Cold Platters:

 $13.00 + gst pp - minimum of 10 people

- exceptions are stated

Italian Antipasti Platter

Middle Eastern Meze Platter

Authentic Spanish Tapas Platter

Modern Moroccan Platter

Modern Mexican Platter

Mexican Tortas Platters

Sliders Platters

Traditional French Terrines Platter

Freshly Hot Smoked Whole Side of Salmon Platter

Smoked Seafood Platter

Fresh Ocean Platter

Grand Ocean Feast $350.00 + gst

Petite Fours Stand

Individual Desserts Platter 

International Cheeseboard A

International Cheeseboard B

Gourmet Cold Platters:

M: $70.00 + gst - serves 6 - 8 people

L: $115.00 + gst - serves 12 - 15 people

XL: $150.00 + gst - serves 17 - 25 people

- exceptions are stated

Gourmet Bread, Olive Oil & Dukkah Platter:   $40.00+ gst 

Deluxe Bread & Dips Platter:  $60.00 + gst 

Classic Cheeseball Platter: M;L;XL

Gourmet Bread & Accompaniments A $60.00 + gst 

Gourmet Bread & Accompaniments B: $60.00 + gst 

Gourmet Breads & Accompaniments C: $60.00 + gst 

Nibbles Platter A: $115.00+ gst 

Nibbles Platter B: $115.00 + gst 

Olive Lovers’ Platter: M;L

Authentic Japanese Sushi Platter:  M;L

Modern Vegetarian Platter:  M:L

Coeliac/Gluten Free/ Nut Free  Platter: $115.00 + gst 

Vietnamese Summer Rolls Platter (GF): M:L:XL

Classic Ploughman's Spread: M;L;XL

Glazed Champagne Ham Platter: L;XL

Crustaceans Platters: Various Options

Italian Filled Olive Bread Platter  (V): M;L

Vegetarian Bruschetta Platters: $115.00 + gst 

Mini Filled Rolls Platters: $115.00 + gst 

Gourmet Finger Sandwiches: M;L

NZ Cheeseboard A: $115.00 + gst 

NZ Cheeseboard B: $115.00 + gst 

NZ Cheeseboard C: $115.00 + gst 

Seasonal Fresh Fruit Skewers: M;L

French Macarons Platter (GF): M;L

Sweet Tartlets Platter: M;L

IMG 2617

Tall Poppies Grand Ocean Plate

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Jillian Maskill 2012